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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Blitz


Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Blitz

How to Play Blitz in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is currently home to 43 playable operators, each containing a unique set of guns and gadgets. No operators are more difficult to deal with than shield ops. These moving bulletproof walls can mean the difference between victory and defeat, especially against a good player. That fact rings ever more true with Blitz, a shield op that carries the added benefit of having a flash grenade-like gadget attached to his shield. Here are a few pieces of advice for getting good at playing Blitz.

Unlike most operators, the default settings for Blitz’s equipment won’t change too much. Simply equip a red dot sight to his p12 handgun in order to make hip firing more efficient. You have two options gadget wise: Smokes (2) and Breach Charges (3). Smoke provides good cover to get in closer to the enemy and flash them, as well as giving Glaz more cover if your team chooses him. If the map has a lot of soft entry points or ceilings, choose breach charges.

When it comes to how to approach the enemy as Blitz, a lot of his gameplay revolves around evasion and timing. Since his hands and feet are open a majority of the time, you are going to want to move sideways frequently when playing Blitz. Baiting enemies into paying attention to you, instead of your teammates, is an effective way of playing support. Your number one friend is obviously going to be his ballistic flash shield, which has four charges per round. In a 1v1 with an enemy, it’s pretty difficult to counter Blitz when he is close, as he can shoot down sights over his shield as well. Keep in mind that it only has a range of about 3-5 meters though.

That is how to play Blitz in Rainbow Six Siege. For more tips, tricks, and other information, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for all of your Rainbow Six Siege needs.

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