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6 Games Like Spider-Man PS4 if You’re Looking for Something Similar


6 Games Like Spider-Man PS4 if You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has swung its way onto the PlayStation 4, and with it one of the best open world superhero titles of all time. Players can lose themselves for hours in a lovingly crafted New York with villains to chase down, side missions to complete and a bevy of different sights and easter eggs to see. Even this amazing title isn’t infinite though, and these six games will be your best bet when the credits roll on Spider-Man and you need something similar to play. Here are games like Spider-Man PS4.

Infamous Second Son

Games Like Spider-Man PS4

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The most recent entry in Sucker Punch’s take on the superhero genre, Infamous Second Son takes everything players loved from the first two titles and cranks it up five more notches. Set in a future Seattle where super-powered conduits are hunted down as criminals, the game places players in the role of Delsin Rowe, a conduit with the ability to absorb powers searching for a cure to a conduit-caused disease that threatens his tribe on the Akomish reservation. To this end, he sets out into the heavily guarded city to find other conduits and take on their powers, and hopefully come one step closer to the conduit who attacked his family in the first place.

Boasting an excellent narrative along with quick and easy world traversal, Second Son encapsulates the imaginative wonder of learning to harness newly found superpowers in a sprawling city setting. Plus, with plenty of story and side content to get lost in, there’ll be a plenty of reason to stay in this game’s world for as long as possible.

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