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6 Games Like Animal Crossing If You’re Looking for Something Similar


6 Games Like Animal Crossing If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Want to play some Animal Crossing but can’t wait for the next one? Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are games like Animal Crossing if you’re looking for something similar. These will help fill in the time before you can get your hands on any new Animal Crossing.

Stardew Valley

Games Like Animal Crossing

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Of course we were going to lead with Stardew Valley. It’s our go-to, and with good reason. Games like Animal Crossing? This game. Games like Harvest Moon? This game. Games like Barbie’s Sparkling Ice Show? This game. Just trust us on this.

Obviously, Stardew Valley isn’t quite as laidback as Animal Crossing, but its cheery atmosphere and bustling township will evoke familiar feelings deep within you. There just happens to be a bit more pressure, what with your farming duties and daily routine, as opposed to Tom Nook’s ‘pay me back when you feel like it’ demeanor.

Fun fact: there is no punishment for never paying off your debt. Spend your money on furniture and fake paintings instead, like all the cool kids.

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