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Fortnite: Is There PS4 and PC Crossplay?


Fortnite: Is There PS4 and PC Crossplay?

Is There PS4 and PC Crossplay in Fortnite

Update: Happy days people! Sony has today confirmed that PS4 and PC crossplay in Fortnite will be possible as of today, Sept. 26. The news was shared via a post on the PlayStation Blog, detailing that the cross-platform play in Fortnite begins as a beta, and will eventually be followed by other titles in the future.

You’ll hear time and time again that Fortnite is a game best played with friends. With a variety of hero classes, sprawling zones to explore and multiple objectives to accomplish, Fortnite is truly a game built for teamwork. With so much emphasis on teamwork it’s only natural to wonder if Fortnite offers any sort of crossplay capabilities. Oddly enough, Fortnite did not advertise any crossplay features but it is actually possible to team up with friends on different consoles if you’re on PC.

The process itself is rather simple but you just have to know the exact steps to take. If you try to blindly go into the game lobby and add a friend who plays on console while you play on PC, you’ll be disappointed. So here’s what you have to do if you want to make your Fortnite crossplay dreams come true.

First, console players on PS4 will want to make sure they set up an Epic Games account and link it to their PSN. This same process can be duplicated for console players on Xbox One as well if they connect their Xbox Live account to an Epic Games account. Once the accounts are linked, make sure your friend on PS4 ofrXbox downloads and installs Epic Gamers Launcher. Next you will want to send each other a friend request inside of the actual Epic Games Launcher application.

Now you’re only one step away from playing Fortnite with your friends on PS4 or Xbox. The last thing you’ll need to do is have the PC player go to their friends list and select to join the party of their friend on console. Once you do this you’ll automatically be dropped into a lobby with your friend and you’ll both be ready to kill zombies together like true friends should.

If you need help with any other aspect of Fortnite, be sure to check out our wiki.

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