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Where the Most Chests Spawn in Fortnite


Where the Most Chests Spawn in Fortnite

Where the Most Chests Spawn in Fortnite

Chests are what make the world of Fortnite go around… for the most part, anyway. Sure, you can find the occasional weapon or consumable item lying around on the floor, but it’s very rare that you find the very best loot in Fortnite just lying around on the floor (though it can happen!). As such, you’ll likely be wanting to know where the most chests spawn in Fortnite so you’ve got the best chance of getting all the loot you need to get that Victory Royale. To give you a helping hand, we’ve gone through and checked out where the most chests spawn in Fortnite, so you can head right to these locations.

At the time of publishing, we actually found that the most chests spawn in… you guessed it, Tilted Towers. It has somewhere in the region of 43 chest spawn locations tucked away in its many skyscrapers and hidden areas. Of course, having nearly three times as many chests spawn in Tilted Towers compared to most other locations on Fortnite’s map tends to make it a fierce place to land, so you might want to look for somewhere a little quieter.

If that sounds like you, there are still a good few places on the map with large numbers of chest spawns. Retail Row is the next named location on the list, coming in at about 21 chest spawn locations, while Pleasant Park creeps in at third with 17 chest spawns.

If you don’t mind venturing off the beaten path a little bit, though, you can find some great non-named locations in Fortnite with even more chests than some of the larger locales. For example, the small village of houses in the south of the desert biome, directly east of Lucky Landing is an absolute gold mine for chest spawns with 18 tucked away in this fairly quiet landing spot. This is where the most chests spawn on Fortnite’s map outside of the named locations.

Elsewhere, heading to the industrial park just northeast of Flush Factory can also net you some good loot, with a solid 17 chest spawns waiting for you to roll on up and try your luck.

Of course, it’s worth noting that each and every week, Epic Games has the opportunity to switch things up in Fortnite’s map, so where the most chests spawn can change from week to week. We’ll be doing our best to keep this post updated as and when these changes come into play to ensure this is up-to-date and helpful for you for seasons to come!

And that’s all you need to know about where the most chests spawn in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and information on Fortnite, be sure to check out our Season 5 wiki.

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