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FIFA 19: How to Score Free Kicks Easily


FIFA 19: How to Score Free Kicks Easily

How to Score Free Kicks Easily in FIFA 19

In soccer, a free kick is typically one of the most valuable scoring opportunities a team can receive. A chance for your striker to either send a beautiful shot into the corner of the net, or at the very least, fire it straight ahead and hit one of your opponents in the junk. The latter is more for a cheap laugh than actual strategic benefit, of course. Here’s how to score free kicks easily in FIFA 19.

For this reason, you would think that free kicks in FIFA 19 would give you a distinct advantage, however this is not quite the case, as the free kick mechanic is hardly a sure thing. If you want to put a score on the board, you’ll find that the indirect approach is often the preferable option.

Rather than attempt to shoot directly from the free kick, you will find greater success if you lay the ball off instead, or pass the ball over to a player close by, turn quickly and shoot. In doing this, you are not only foregoing the uncertainty of the free kick, but you are also more likely to surprise your opponent with this strategy.

Ball control is huge in FIFA 19, and if you utilize your teammates correctly, you maximize your scoring potential. Sending a botched free kick into the keeper can sway momentum in the other direction, but using your head can pay dividends.

For more tips, tricks and bicycle kicks, check out our extensive FIFA 19 wiki. Whether you need to brush up on the basics of dribbling, or if you’re ready to tackle the big stuff, you’ll find everything you need there to master the beautiful game. Twinfinite is your one-stop source for gaming guides, and don’t worry, we won’t pull a Yaya Toure on you if you forget our birthday (no Yaya, we won’t let you live that one down).

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