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FIFA 19: How to Do a Finesse Shot & Score


FIFA 19: How to Do a Finesse Shot & Score

How to Do a Finesse Shot & Score in FIFA 19

When you’re in front of goal in FIFA 19, there will be times where you need to hit the ball with every last ounce of strength that your player can possibly conjur up in their leg. Other times, a more delicate approach is required. That’s where the finesse shot comes in particularly handy in your offensive arsenal, allowing you to place a shot into unreachable areas of the goal such as top or bottom corners. You can even sometimes see the ball curling away from the keeper and back towards the goal, making it harder to save. As such, whether you’re a FIFA 19 newcomer, or a series veteran, knowing exactly how to nail a finesse shot is crucial to outplaying the competition, especially online. So without further ado, let’s tell you exactly how to do a finesse shot and score in FIFA 19.

In order to do a finesse shot and score in FIFA 19, you’ll need to use the same inputs you’ve been doing in previous years. For newcomers, let’s run you through those. On PS4, you’ll need to hold the R1 button while you’re holding Circle to charge up your shot with the right amount of power for the distance you are away from goal. On Xbox One, you’re going to hold the RB button while you’re holding B. That’s enough if you want just a bog standard finesse shot, but who wants standard when you can pull off a wonder strike?

In FIFA 19, the introduction of the Timed Finishing system means that you can get some additional placement and power on your shot by pressing the shoot button (Circle or B) again at the exact correct time.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the trainer on in FIFA 19, there’s no gauge or bar to tell you when to hit the shoot button again for the Timed Finishing system, you just have to kind of guess. But once you’ve got a few under your belt, you’ll be pulling off one miraculous finesse shot after another in FIFA 19.

And there you have your rundown on how to finesse shot in FIFA 19. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our comprehensive FIFA 19 wiki.

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