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FIFA 19: How to Increase Club Worth


FIFA 19: How to Increase Club Worth

How to Increase Club Worth in FIFA 19

In recent years, EA has put a lot more into the story mode options for its sports franchises. Its annual soccer series, FIFA, has seen vast improvements, adding a story-focused feature known as The Journey and polishing up the individual or club-focused aspects of career mode. In FIFA 19, the game continues to improve upon these mechanics, including the return of club worth.

In career mode, club worth simply measures how effectively you are managing your team. Factors that affect club worth include scouting and meeting with younger talent, as well as investing resources into transfers that can help you right now. Having superstars on your team is the end goal, as it will increase the amount of money earned from marketing, shirt sales, and ticket sales, all of which improve club worth.

A quick way to improve club worth, in the short term, is to buy already established world class players via transfers. Adding a well-known player will increase the team’s notoriety, but comes with a price. The older a player gets, the more risk you have of their quality going down or that they might retire. The smarter play is to trade older superstars for younger talent, as you’ll receive more money for them alongside the potential that they could turn into superstars of their own.

Developing world-class players from scratch is the long-term investment when it comes to club worth. Since you start off with them when they are young, you have a much higher ceiling for improvement and potential, all while paying a low price or asking fee. In short, maintaining and increasing club worth all depends on how you plan for the future.

That is how to increase club worth in FIFA 19. For more help and other guides, check out our expanding FIFA 19 wiki.

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