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FIFA 19: How to Play Champions League Games

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FIFA 19: How to Play Champions League Games

How to Play Champions League Games in FIFA 19

One of the massive new features in FIFA 19 is the arrival of the officially licensed Champions League tournament. For those unaware, this is the most prestigious competition a football club can win. It has seen the likes of Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Liverpool all take it home at one point or another in its history. Any soccer fan will tell you that there’s something magical about the tournament. Its soundtrack is iconic, as are some of the insane goals, comebacks, and unlikely demolitions of some of Europe’s biggest teams that have come about over the years. You’re likely wondering now what you need to do to play Champions League games in FIFA 19. Well, let’s talk you through the process.

First off, it’s worth noting that you will play them as part of your normal Career mode season, and as part of your time in The Journey: Champions. However, if you’re wanting to just play through the Champions League on its own or just play back-to-back Champions league games in FIFA 19, you can start a full Champions League season, too.

To start a Champions League season in FIFA 19, you’ll need to select the option from the main menu that’s literally self-titled. You can then play Champions League games right from the group stages all the way through to the Final.

How to Play Champions League Games in FIFA 19 Kick-Off

If you’d rather just play one-off Champions League games in FIFA 19, though, you can also do this within the Kick-Off mode. Once you’ve selected this game mode from FIFA 19’s main menu, you’ll then want to select your sides. On the next screen, it’ll come up with the game type options. Here, you’ll want to select Champions League. You can then decide whether you want it to be a group stage, semi-final, or final match.

After choosing all this, simply select the teams you want to and you’ll be all set to start playing Champions League games in FIFA 19’s Kick-Off mode.

That’s all of the different ways you can play Champions League games in FIFA 19. We’ve got a ton more guides, tips, tricks, and more to help you out with your soccer escapades, so be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki here.

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