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5 Best GTA V Mods of August 2018


5 Best GTA V Mods of August 2018

Best GTA V Mods of August 2018

After Hours SP

If you’re a huge fan of the After Hours expansion for GTA V Online than this mod is for you. Bringing all the fun of running your own nightclub to the single-player experience. This allows you to customize your very own nightclub in the actual campaign itself. It also comes with the activities that are available in the online version, like the dancing mini-game, customization of which DJ is playing, and even drinking that very expensive bottle of champagne designated for high rollers only.

While this mod doesn’t fundamentally change how you interact with the single-player campaign, it allows players to just have one more thing to further invest their time into. All of this without having to worry about some random person trying to gun you down in a fighter jet

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