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Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to Get the Slingshot


Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to Get the Slingshot

How to Get the Slingshot in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a host of charming tools and items for players to unlock, not least of which is the slingshot.

A standard piece of equipment in the game since Animal Crossing: Wild World, the slingshot offers players a means of obtaining gifts, treasures and other collectibles from balloons and other airborne objects, sniping them with a well-timed pellet to bring them crashing back down to earth. Not only that, but it can be upgraded to higher tiers to fire even more pellets at once, taking down prize-filled balloons even faster to better deck out your personal abode or town at large.

That said, it can be a bit confusing as to how one can obtain one in the series’ Nintendo 3DS offering, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To that end, we’ve got a complete guide on what needs to be done to become the proud new owner of this trademark equipment.

To get the first slingshot in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player simply needs to have 500 bells they can spend at one of Tom Nook’s stores and must have upgraded his stores to at least the T&T Mart tier. Once these conditions are met, they can purchase the slingshot and start to hunt down balloons to shoot down, with a higher tier slingshot dropping once they’ve shot down 14. Once they’ve shot down 14 balloons, they have an equal chance of receiving a silver variant, which shoots two pellets at a time, or a gold slingshot, which shoots three pellets at once.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS. For more on the series, check out our list of six other games and franchises to check out for a similar experience, from the indie farming sim masterpiece Stardew Valley to the long-running Harvest Moon series.

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