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Two Point Hospital: How to Save Your Game


Two Point Hospital: How to Save Your Game

How to Save Your Game in Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a comedic, business-simulator from the people who brought you 1997’s Theme Hospital. This humour is centered around running a hospital which will have you curing ailments such as Light-Headedness and Pandemic, and also include people with light bulbs and pans for heads respectively. It’s not easy being a pan-head but luckily, there are those that went to school for almost a decade to help deal with that. While you’re saving lives from these horrible illnesses, you will need to periodically save your game.

To save your game in Two Point Hospital you must first open the option menu. Among the various options you should be able to see an option to save your game. Simply press this and you will be able to save your game. Alternatively, when you are finished with a play session you will be presented the option to save and quit before exiting the game entirely.

Once you have saved your game you may be wondering where you saved files are stored. These are found easily enough and can be backed up simply once you navigate to their proper directory. Unless you have customized your installation paths on your computer, the following directories should hold your save files. On Windows you would typically navigate to:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Two Point Studios\Two Point Hospital\Cloud

Just change the USERNAME field to your personal login username on the computer. For Linux you would typically navigate to:


That’s how you save your game in Two Point Hospital, as well as finding out where you can locate those save files. If you need more help with Two Point Hospital, feel free to search Twinfinite for other guides or suggest guides in the comments on this article or on our social media!

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