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How to Fix PS4 Error Code CE-40852-9 & What it Means


How to Fix PS4 Error Code CE-40852-9 & What it Means

How to Fix PS4 Error Code CE-40852-9 & What it Means

There is nothing more frustrating than downloading a video game, only for an unknown error to halt the process. Whether you are 25 percent through or almost at the end, no one wants to spend time waiting for something only for it to fail. PS4 users have run into this problem numerous times during downloads, often greeted by the mysterious error code of CE-40852-9.

According to PlayStation Support, error code CE-40852-9 is a server issue. While no solution is offered, other than contacting Customer Support, there are a few different tricks that seem to work.

Like most troubleshooting solutions, rebooting or restarting sometimes resolves error code of CE-40852-9. A 2016 PlayStation forum post requesting help with the error resulted in a response from user virtual_luukz. While they didn’t “fix” their issue per say, the user stated that they were able to complete the download after failing and retrying numerous times.

Another post to the forums offered a more concrete solution. User MideOdedairo suggested that increasing the connectivity speed would solve error code CE-40852-9. To make the change, go into “Settings”, “Network”, “Set Up Internet Connection.” Once there, select the relevant Wifi/LAN. Afterward, select “Custom”. Make sure the IP Address Settings are set to Automatic, the DHCP Host Name equals Do Not Specify, and the DNS Settings are Manual. The Primary DNS should be, while the Secondary DNS should be Lastly, make sure the MTU Settings are Automatic and the Proxy Server reads Do Not Use.

If you still receive error code CE-40852-9 after all of that, contact the PlayStation Customer Support line 1-800-345-7669.

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