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Pokemon GO: The Best Pokemon Against Registeel


Pokemon GO: The Best Pokemon Against Registeel

The Best Pokemon to Use Against Registeel in Pokemon GO

Registeel has been a popular Pokemon for years now. It made its debut in Ruby and Sapphire as part of a new trio of mono-typed legendaries (that weren’t Psychic thank goodness).

Registeel is arguably the toughest of the three to take down due to its formidable defense and solid typing. Unlike lots of other Steel types that have a secondary type that you can try and exploit, Registeel is mono-Steel. You only have the following types to work with in terms of exploiting its weakness: Fighting, Fire, and Ground. It’s resistant to everything else, so try to avoid using any other moves from the other types if you can.

So when fighting Registeel in Pokemon GO, what you want to try and do is line up something that can fight using either Fire, Fighting or Ground and can also resist potentially strong Steel attacks such as Electric, Water, and Fire.

A great option that isn’t hard to get is Arcanine. The final evolved form of Growlithe has high CP and powerful Fire attacks that can bring Registeel down and resist any Steel attacks. Just be careful of potential Ground moves. Flareon could potentially work as well. If Fire feels too risky, go for a strong Fighting type like Machamp then, or something along those lines.

As long as you pummel Registeel quickly with those Pokemon types, or at least those types of attacks, you shouldn’t have a hard time going toe to toe with the legendary hard as Steel beast.

That does it for the best Pokemon to use against Registeel in Pokemon GO. Best of luck walking, catching, and tapping your way to filling up your GO dex for Professor Willow and bringing glory to your team.

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