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Overcooked 2: Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Overcooked 2: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Rule Number 1 – Communication Is Key

Overcooked 2 Tips and Tricks

Overcooked 2

Communication is the most important thing in Overcooked 2, whether that’s between you and another player, or between you two chefs in single player. In multiplayer, make sure you’re in constant contact with your partner(s), updating them on what you’re doing and what you need next. For example, if the level sees you making sushi, the person who’s in charge of boiling the rice needs to keep the other players updated on when they need the roll, fish, or cucumber. You’re wasting time if a cooked ingredient is sitting in its pot or pan for too long; keep things ticking along and ready to go. If you all know who is doing what, and at what time, you’ll be able to get all the dishes out without any problems.

If you’re playing alone, communication isn’t as easy of course, since you can only control one character at a time. However, make sure that whenever one of your characters is chopping something up, you’re doing something else useful with the other. Characters continue chopping even when you’re not controlling them.

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