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How to Stream on Twitch & Become a Successful Streamer


How to Stream on Twitch & Become a Successful Streamer

A simple guide to successfully streaming on Twitch.

Who doesn’t want to get paid and become famous for playing video games? With platforms like Twitch, many individual players have successfully built fan bases for themselves – while raking in some extra cash – by live streaming video games. Sounds good, right? Why not give it a shot? Here are some tips on how to stream on Twitch and become a successful Twitch streamer.

Before you get your heart set on becoming internet famous by yelling into a mic while spray-n-praying in the latest Call of Duty or Fortnite, know that becoming a successful streamer requires both hard work and dedication, and that the road will not be easy.

If you have the patience, time and personality to become a live streamer, follow this useful guide to help you get started!

This post was originally authored by Adam James.

How to Stream on Twitch & Become a Successful Streamer

Have a Good Internet Connection

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First and foremost, you won’t be able to stream without good internet. Having a solid internet connection is the basic foundation of live streaming video games. Without a stable and moderately-fast connection, your streaming career will never — and I mean never — get off the ground.

Your internet connection doesn’t need to be lightning fast, but it should be fast enough to broadcast at 720p with ease. Nobody is going to be interested in watch a laggy, pixelated mess underneath your commentary — so make sure you can maintain a steady 720p, minimum. Frequent disconnects will certainly do you no favors, so utilize a wired connection and resolve any connectivity issues you are having with your internet service provider.

Once your internet situation is all sorted, you’ve successfully accomplished the first step towards becoming a famous live streamer! Next, you’re going to need some equipment…

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