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Death’s Gambit: Best Starting Class


Death’s Gambit: Best Starting Class

Best Starting Class in Death’s Gambit

At the start of the game, Death’s Gambit will allow you to choose from seven different starting classes. Similar to the Soulsborne games, there’s no definitive ‘best’ class to go with. However, there are enough key differences between all of them to make this decision an important one that will suit your play style, so we’re here to help you decide. It’s worth noting that the stat differences between the classes are pretty much negligible, as you can always spec out your character however you like. A Sentinel could become a magic-wielding spellcaster, and the Wizard could become a greatsword-wielding badass. It’s up to you how you want to equip your character. So instead of going over stat differences, we’ll be taking a look at the starting equipment and class abilities instead.

Soldier: Starts with a greatsword. Blocking gives you soul energy for abilities.

Assassin: Starts with daggers. Dodging attacks gives you soul energy for abilities.

Blood Knight: Starts with an axe. You can regain health that was recently lost if you quickly retaliate.

Wizard: Starts with a tome. Using a feather gives you soul energy for abilities.

Noble: Starts with a halberd. Using items gives you soul energy for abilities. An agent of royalty will visit you to sell unique items.

Sentinel: You can equip any weapon and shield as long as you have half the stats required. Parrying gives you soul energy for abilities.

Acolyte of Death: You can restore broken death’s idols. Killing enemies gives you soul energy for abilities.

The first question you should ask yourself is, do you like using magic or melee attacks? If you want to be a mage, starting with the Wizard is a no-brainer. Magic is pretty powerful in Death’s Gambit, and even if you don’t like using tomes, you can also get a sword pretty early on in the game that scales with intelligence. The Wizard looks like one of the most useful and versatile classes in the game, and you can’t go wrong with this one.

In our experience, the Noble also served us well during the early hours because of the extra merchant that shows up in Sanctuary. This NPC will sell you a +5 halberd for very few shards, and this will let you melt most enemies and bosses in the early game. He also sells a few other useful abilities and items to help you out, though his utility will go down pretty quickly once you get to the mid-game areas.

However, after completing the game, we’ve found that the Acolyte of Death and Blood Knight are definitely a couple of the best classes in the game, alongside the Wizard. The Acolyte of Death can restore broken death’s idols, which makes the game slightly more forgiving as you have access to more checkpoints. The scythe is also a very fast and powerful weapon type, and you can get an ability that lets you stack damage buffs when you get a combo chain going. It’s pretty devastating. On the other hand, the Blood Knight’s ability is similar to the rally mechanic from Bloodborne, where you regain health by attacking enemies after getting injured. Death’s Gambit is certainly a game that rewards very bold and aggressive play styles, and the Blood Knight straight up rewards you for getting in your enemies’ faces and dealing damage.

So, in short, we’d definitely recommend starting with any of the following classes: Wizard, Noble, Acolyte of Death, Blood Knight.

The Assassin, Sentinel, and Soldier aren’t bad classes, but they’re just not as useful as the rest. Between these three, the Sentinel would be your best bet if you’re still not sure what kind of build you want to go for. For the most part, we didn’t see a need to parry many enemies because it was just much more efficient to dodge their attacks. And for the Soldier, blocking with a shield didn’t feel efficient either, so the ability felt redundant. Lastly, the Assassin is a finesse character that’s pretty much just a worst version of the Acolyte of Death, so there’s no reason to go with it unless you really want to start the game with daggers.

Again, all of this is purely subjective, and you should choose the class with the ability or starting equipment that suits you best. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Death’s Gambit.

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