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5 Best Mobile and Handheld Games of 2018 So Far


5 Best Mobile and Handheld Games of 2018 So Far

Detective Pikachu (3DS)

Best Mobile/Handheld Games of the Year So Far

This loudmouthed and intelligent Pikachu has a job to do in this spin-off Pokemon game created by Creatures Inc. This Pikachu may not be as powerful as others of its kind, but its intelligence is unmatched and has a nose for detective work. The game follows the story of Detective Pikachu and a boy named Tim Goodman as they try to investigate the disappearance of Harry Goodman, Tim’s father and Pikachu’s owner.

This adventure game has the player looking for clues, speaking to witnesses, and exploring the areas of Ryme City. Detective Pikachu is great for any fan of Pokemon who is looking for a break from the status quo of the lengthier mainline series. Detective Pikachu is a strong game wrapped in an unsuspecting package and is one of the best games to come out on 3DS this year. 

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