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Top 9 Best & Most Creative Game Box Arts of This Console Generation


Top 9 Best & Most Creative Game Box Arts of This Console Generation

Best Game Box Art of This Console Generation


Best Game Box Art

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but with game covers the art can reveal a lot about what a game is and the experience it aims to provide to players. Whether it’s an image tied to the game’s lore and story or the main character striking an action hero pose in front of their trail of carnage, the box art gives insight into what the developers hope to provide through their work and catch a prospective customer’s eye over the slew of other titles on the market. Of those that have graced our eyes, these nine in particular have been the cream of the crop, standing out among the pack of this console generation.

Forgoing the usual strong men with guns trope, Evolve’s cover opted to instead let gamer’s imagination fill in the blanks of what its asymmetrical team-based gameplay could offer. Amid the bleak muck of an inhospitable planet, the bootprints of the game’s hunters are dwarfed by the gargantuan track of their pray.

Though close to that of an earth-born animal, its shape is off just enough to feel unnatural. For extra emphasis on the treat it poses to players, the tips of the track are pointed and deepened by the creatures claws, leaving players to wonder what is truly in store for them once the engage in their interplanetary hunt. It’s an excellent setup to the sense of venturing into the unknown with each new match, unsure of what type of threat will come at players and how.

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