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6 Fun & Easy Games to Play With the Non-Gamers in Your Life


6 Fun & Easy Games to Play With the Non-Gamers in Your Life

Looking for a way to share your favorite hobby with the people you love that don’t game? Well, you’ll need just the right title to hook them while also have fun yourself. Here are some excellent titles to share with the non-gamers in your life.

Gaming has always been a fantastic form of escapism. Sometimes you just need to be whisked away to fantastical worlds and have a moment to yourself, but it’s also fun to bring your friends and loved ones in on one of your favorite hobbies! Finding the right title that is accessible to those who don’t regularly game, but can still be engaging to the player who games regularly, can be a daunting task, but never fear because Twinfinite has got you covered. Here are 7 accessible and enjoyable games to play with those who don’t game in your life:


Mario Kart

Mario Kart Wii

Nintendo has always specialized in making titles that reach all audiences, and perhaps no series embodies that design philosophy more than Mario Kart. The fast-paced action keeps the racing fun for players who have put in hundreds of hours already, but the controls are simple enough and confined to only a few inputs that make Mario Kart easy to pick up and play. But what truly makes Mario Kart fun for all is how no one is ever safe.

Gamers have complained that Mario Kart punishes you for doing well and holding on to first place, but when you’re playing with someone who has less experience, it’s fun for them to feel like they have a chance to win with just the right item drop because, in all reality, they do. Feel free to pick whatever iteration is easiest for you to get ahold of; Mario Kart shares the same sense of fun across the series, so no matter what game you go with, you’ll have a good time.

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