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Top 5 Worst Games of Q2 2018


Top 5 Worst Games of Q2 2018

Tennis World Tour

Top 5 Worst Games of Q2 2018

In the build-up to 2018’s Grand Slam tournaments, Tennis World Tour looked as though it might have the potential to translate our favorite sport to a solid video game experience. Plush with licenses and animated with what we thought would be solid graphics, it should have delivered a quality contemporary title to satisfy our craving for tennis on the digital screen.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. Tennis World Tour is utter tripe, tarnished by bugs and glitches galore. It feels completely unfinished, and even when it does work, feels woefully disconnected from the sport it seeks to portray. Players don’t look at all realistic, the audio is dismal, and there’s ball lag and general inaccuracies that mean it simply doesn’t capture the precision and skill of tennis as a sport.

Tennis World Tour simply isn’t the return to Virtua Tennis that we hoped it might be. Instead, it represents more of a cheap cash-in on the fever surrounding Wimbledon. But trust us on this one, if you’re in the mood to immerse yourself in the sport with a video game, you’re far better off playing something like Hot Shots, which might not be grounded in realism, but is certainly a great deal more entertaining.

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