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Top 5 Best Action Games of Q2 2018


Top 5 Best Action Games of Q2 2018

God of War (PS4)

Best Action Games of Q2 2018

Kratos, Atreus, god of war

God of War has long been one of the most influential action series out there, and the newest entry on PS4 completely redefined the it. Being met with huge amounts of critical praise, this God of War shows us an older, grizzled Kratos now living in the lands of Norse mythology with his son Atreus. After Kratos’s wife passes away, he and Atreus have to go on a journey to scatter the woman’s ashes. The pair have no idea what revelations and truths await them on that journey.

Outside of the change in location and tone, God of War’s combat has also been shaken up. The camera is pulled in close behind Kratos’ back and he has a brand new weapon, the Leviathan Axe. The axe is a versatile weapon that you can use to demolish enemies up close, or fling at them from a distance with devastating effect. A host of other new abilities are introduced throughout the game, including Krato’s shield, fighting bare-handed, and even a surprise that longtime fans will enjoy. Combat is integrally different from past games, requiring you to be much more methodical, and even tactical at times. God of War is easily leading the pack for Game of the Year discussions right now, and for good reason. It’s an unforgettable journey with strong combat and enough brutality to live up to that God of War name.

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