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Top 3 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q2 2018


Top 3 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q2 2018

The Swords of Ditto

Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q2

Taking notes from The Legend of Zelda, throwing in some originality, and then sprinkling some co-op on top makes The Swords of Ditto one of the best experiences on the PS4 in Q2 2018 to check out on the PS4. Having only a short amount of time, you and a buddy must work your way up to defeat the wicked witch Mormo, who attempts to spread her influence over the kingdom every 100 years.

What makes The Swords of Ditto so enjoyable and replayable is the fact that it plays like a roguelike; once you die in Swords of Ditto, you lose all of your progress and items, except for your power level. You become reborn as a brand new hero and must gain back your special weapons and equipment to power through the dungeons to eventually get to Mormo. If you’re a daredevil, unlike myself, you can even face Mormo at the beginning of the game, but good luck, she is insanely powerful and you will most likely face a death unlike no other. Still, you can certainly try!

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