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Onrush: Is There Splitscreen Co-Op Multiplayer?


Onrush: Is There Splitscreen Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Splitscreen Co-Op Multiplayer in Onrush?

Onrush is a teamwork-focused racing game. It isn’t about finishing first or being the fastest, but rather it is about working with your five teammates to win the rounds in the objective-based modes. Therefore, it’ll be fun to put together a team of friends and work together to get the win. With that in mind, you’ll be wondering what multiplayer options the game has, and whether there are any options for co-op multiplayer.

Unfortunately, like many racing games nowadays, there’s no splitscreen multiplayer in Onrush. It also seems like it will not be added in the future after Codemasters said, “We would absolutely LOVE to include split-screen. Couch co-op is something we all ADORE, but with our ambitious timeline before release it’s not something we’ve been able to do, unfortunately.”

If you want to play with friends, you can create a lobby of your own, jump into the quickplay online modes, or even play through the single-player championship, so there’s certainly no shortage of co-op options, you just can’t do it from the comfort of the same couch.

That’s all you need to know about whether there’s splitscreen co-op multiplayer in Onrush. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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