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Summertime Saga: How to Unlock TV


Summertime Saga: How to Unlock TV

How to Unlock TV in Summertime Saga

In Summertime Saga, even the simplest things will often have a quest line attached to them in order to be accessed. If you fancy a squiz on the boob tube (never before has there been so apt a descriptor), you will have to progress up to a certain point through both Jenny’s and Debbie’s storylines. Some of the instructions listed below may be slightly out of sequence depending on which events trigger at which time in your game of Summertime Saga, but as long as you complete them, you will be able to unlock the TV.

Head to the gym in Summertime Saga first and try your luck on the punching bag. The old man will offer you Muay Thai lessons in exchange for a pair of panties – Roshi, is that you?! – so head into Jenny’s room and take a peek in her drawers. She will catch you in the act, and offer you her panties at a cost of $100. Not a great deal, but you’ll have to take it for now. Return to the gym, and train with Master Somrak until he requests another pair.

To trigger the next event in Summertime Saga, you will have to reach the checkpoint in Debbie’s storyline where you see her masturbating in her room. After this, entering Jenny’s room during the day will give the conversation option of “Mom needs you.” With her out of the room, check the diary on her bed to find the password for her PC.

Return to her room at night, and access her PC using the password BAD MONSTER to connect her webcam to your computer. Head to her room during the daytime again and ask to trade for panties. She will request an electro clit as payment this time – you can buy it at the Pink store located in the mall for $100 – and bring it to her. Make the trade, go to the gym, and Somrak will continue your training (keep doing this until you can no longer raise your dexterity any higher).

One morning, you will ponder what Jenny is up to. Check your PC and access the webcam to see her enjoying the gift you bought her. Afterwards, head over to your telescope, look at what Erik is up to, and Jenny will walk in on you. At night, enter her room, go into her bed and cuddle her. She will wake up and kick you out.

Peep on Jenny in the shower a few times over the next few days, and head downstairs in the morning. Debbie will have made you breakfast. Make your way into the dining room and sit at the table, where Jenny pitches a deal that will set you back $500.

When you have the money, accept the deal, and suck on Jenny’s breast. Select stop when the option comes up and Jenny will eject you from her room. Undeterred, go into her bedroom during the night again, and attempt another cuddle, this time squeezing her boobs. How sweet.

The next time she is in the shower, go inside, ask if she needs help, and beg when she asks you to. She’ll decide against it and kick you out (once again). Returning to the hall the next day will trigger a cutscene where she accuses you of using her computer. Which is fair – you totally did, after all.

Leave the house and go to another location, then return to your house at night, where you will overhear somebody watching television. Walk into the living room, approach the TV and you will find Jenny watching porn. Choose to keep watching, and afterwards, you will have unlocked the TV. All you will find are some news and sports channels, however – you probably want the good stuff.

So sneak up to Jenny’s room, access her PC and check her email. The one from the Pink Channel has her login details (ID: L6BV12R password: 12345). With these, you will be able to watch porn during the night on the TV. Congratulations!

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