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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: How to Beat Thrawn


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: How to Beat Thrawn

How to Beat Thrawn in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Some know him as Grand Admiral Thrawn. Some prefer to think of him as Mitth’raw’nuruodo. Others just call him “sir”. However you recognize this fearsome Chiss warrior for the evil Empire, you’ll probably be aware of his brutish strength and tactical brilliance. It’ll take some effort, but here’s how to beat Thrawn.

When trying to map out a method of overcoming this wicked foe, the wisest advice is to be prepared, long before you even consider engaging in a skirmish. Ensure that you have as many members of your team sporting high levelled gear as possible; at least one at G11, with the others as close as you can manage. If too many of them are drastically below this, you’d best get back on the grind before even considering an attempt at beating Thrawn.

Your strategy will remain on controlling the battle as best as you can; dispelling the taunt and thinning out the number of Stormtroopers while either outspeeding your opponent or tanking enough damage to be able to survive the first onslaught. Play the long game, rather than trying to overwhelm Thrawn swiftly, as that tactic simply won’t do. Once his allies are down, you will be able to focus on beating Thrawn himself.

Even with sufficient gear, a great deal of hope lies in the RNG gods, unfortunately, so be ready for disappointment even if you execute your plan flawlessly. Brush yourself off, repeat, and learn from as many botches as you can. As obvious as it sounds, minimizing mistakes is key.

That does it for how to beat Thrawn! Fighting smarter rather than harder will be enough to down Grand Admiral Thrawn, but what of the other enemies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? For more tips, trick and strategies, stay right here on Twinfinite. We use the Force liberally and violently. It’s the only way to live, baby!

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