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Pokemon GO: How to Check IVs


Pokemon GO: How to Check IVs

How to Check IVs in Pokemon GO

A Pokemon’s IVs (Individual Values) have been important in core Pokemon games for years, and they were added to Pokemon GO not long after the mobile game’s launch. They are important because they tell you the statistics of the Pokemon, allowing you to work out if they’re better than another, and how effective they’ll be in battle. With the statistics split into three categories (HP, Attack, Defense), each of which is measured out of 15, you can work out the IVs of a Pokemon as a percentage. Here’s how you check your Pokemon’s IVs in Pokemon Go.

IVs can only be checked to a degree in Pokemon GO. You will be given a vague categorization of how high a Pokemon’s IVs are if you select one, press the icon in the bottom right of the screen, selecting Appraise, and cycling through the comments from your team’s leader. They will give a general comment on what they think of the Pokemon, what it’s highest valued categories are, and how high they are. The comments differ depending on which team you’re a part of, but they mean the same things. For what the comments mean for all teams, you can check out the breakdown from the Pokemon GO Hub.

You will not be able to get exact figures directly from the game. If you know how it all works, you can work it out to a close estimate, but you’ll have to head to an external site to get the precise percentage. Thankfully, there’s plenty of websites and apps that are easy to use if you’re after those figures.

That’s all you need to know about how to check IVs in Pokemon GO. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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