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No Man’s Sky: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?


No Man’s Sky: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is No Man’s Sky Coming to Nintendo Switch?

When No Man’s Sky launched exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in mid-2016, it fell on the receiving end of an overwhelming amount of vitriol. The victim of unreasonable expectations, it has been slowly clawing its way towards credibility with each update, to the point where people are finally beginning to take notice, and this month, it made its way to the Xbox One.

But what of the plucky Nintendo Switch, that hybrid console that has shaken up the world with its unique take on modern gaming? Doesn’t a portable version of No Man’s Sky sound like an enticing concept, and have there been any rumblings that perhaps someday, in some way, this could become an actual thing?

So far, there have not been even the vaguest of rumors suggesting a possibility down the track, though the fact that this once lambasted game has finally made its way to another console is definitely a step in the right direction. Whether the team at Hello Games could even consider taking things even further may hinge largely on the reception the divisive title receives going forward.

For context, the marketing campaign behind No Man’s Sky was so gargantuan that its limitations created a beast grander even than the ambition of the premise itself. In a recent interview with the Guardian, beleaguered founder Sean Murray described the extent of the public backlash he received, saying, “I remember getting a death threat about the fact that there were butterflies in our original trailer, and you could see them as you walked past them, but there weren’t any butterflies in the launch game. I remember thinking to myself: ‘Maybe when you’re sending a death threat about butterflies in a game, you might be the bad guy.”

Though the Xbox One release will be devoid of the pressure placed on its initial launch on the PS4, it still walks a tenuous line, and the ball could be very much in the court of public opinion. This will definitely be a situation worth watching, and hopefully one that comes to a more positive conclusion.

That does it for whether No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch. For more tips, tricks and guides on No Man’s Sky and more, be sure to check out our wiki! We have lots of butterflies. For reals.

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