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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Save Multiplayer Progress


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Save Multiplayer Progress

How to Save Multiplayer Progress in No Man’s Sky NEXT

With the arrival of No Man’s Sky’s NEXT update, the virtual universe has been transformed with new mechanics, a visual overhaul that makes many planets and galaxies even more beautiful, and even a full-fledged multiplayer mode to boot. You can no race around planet surfaces with your friends, mine resources, and help build bases together. Or, ya know, make yourselves a nuisance and just go gunning down any other players you all see as you patrol space. When it comes for you to take a break and stop your session in No Man’s Sky NEXT, you may be wondering whether there’s anything you need to do differently in order to save multiplayer progress. Well, here’s your answer.

No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer is all based on a joint server, with each player’s progress and positioning saved solely in their individual saves. This means that if, for whatever reason, one of your friends needs to drop out of the material harvesting that you and your other pals are getting up to, they can simply save their game on the planet and drop out. When they load No Man’s Sky back up, they’ll drop back on the same world in the same position that they saved.

Put simply, your multiplayer progress is stored in your No Man’s Sky save. If you and your friends all want to take a break but all be in the same position next time you play together, you’ll all want to save next to one another.

And that’s all you need to know to safely save your multiplayer progress with you and your friends in No Man’s Sky NEXT. We’re continuing to uncover more and more content hidden in this updated universe, so be sure to check out our No Man’s Sky wiki, complete with an entire new NEXT section, for the answers to all of your questions.

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