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No Man’s Sky NEXT: Is It PSVR Compatible?


No Man’s Sky NEXT: Is It PSVR Compatible?

Is No Man’s Sky NEXT PSVR Compatible?

No Man’s Sky had a lot of hype when it released on PS4 in 2016, and whether it delivered on that hype or not, the game is getting a brand new face with No Man’s Sky NEXT, a massive game-changing update. There are a ton of new features and mechanics being added into the game, including expanded base building and a full range of multiplayer options, with both friends and strangers. With so many new updates, many fans are probably wondering if they can use No Man’s Sky with that shiny PSVR headset of theirs.

Unfortunately, the answer at the moment is no. No Man’s Sky doesn’t have any kind of VR functionality, and there aren’t any confirmed plans to ever put the game on PSVR. Considering the amount of post-launch work Hello Games has put into No Man’s Sky, its not outside the realm of possibility to think about VR in the game’s future. There have been some minor hints as to the possibility of VR, such as a strange logo for a possibly fake Chinese VR device, or a tweet from Sean Murray that has code pointing to the word Morpheus. All of this is suspect at best, however, so until there’s some kind of official confirmation, don’t get your hopes up for No Man’s Sky coming to PSVR or any other kind of VR system.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of new things for players to dig into with No Man’s Sky NEXT. You can now play the game in third-person, and even edit your character’s appearance. On top of that, you can create fleets of ships to bring with you into space battles, or send out on missions for rewards. Even the look and feel of the game has changed, as the procedural generation has been overhauled to make everything look more realistic and lifelike.

For more tips and guides on No Man’s Sky NEXT, make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our wiki guide for everything you might need to know about the game.

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