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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Customization Parts


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Customization Parts

How to Get Customization Parts in No Man’s Sky NEXT

No Man’s Sky, the ambitious exploration game from 2016, is receiving a wealth of new features and content with its Next update. Along with the new features, the game will be arriving on Xbox One for the very first time. The NEXT update will automatically be updated with the Xbox One version, but it’s a free update for every other version of the game as well. Now you can play No Man’s Sky in third-person, which also translates to being able to customize your character and the way they look, on top of already being able to customize your ship and base. Customization parts of all kinds can be earned in-game, and Hello Games has been quite clear that No Man’s Sky isn’t getting microtransactions.

The biggest change coming to No Man’s Sky NEXT, of course, is the addition of multiplayer, but there’s a lot of smaller things coming as well, such as a live events program that lets you team up with other players to complete missions and goals. Through these live events you can earn currency, which you can then use through the in-game rewards shop to buy customization parts among other things. There’s a wide array of customization parts to purchase, so no doubt you’ll want to get as much money as you can.

Unfortunately, these live events and the in-game rewards shop in No Man’s Sky will be coming as part of the NEXT post-launch content. We’ll be updating this post as soon as these go live with all the information you need to get to the Rewards Shop and get yourself some slick new customization parts in the game.

Some of the other new features coming to No Man’s Sky include being able to create your own fleet of ships to send out on missions, and some big improvements made to the game’s visuals and the way that planets are procedurally generated.

And there you have what you need to know to get customization parts in No Man’s Sky’s NEXT update. For more tips and tricks on No Man’s Sky make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our guide wiki for everything you might need to know about the base game, if you’re jumping in for the first time.

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