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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Storage For Your Base


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Storage For Your Base

Getting Storage For Your Base in No Man’s Sky NEXT

With the brand new NEXT update, No Man’s Sky now features better base-building mechanics, and players can get a little more creative with their construction efforts. Aside from just building a pretty base, occasionally you’ll probably want to leave some of your resources there as well, just so you can travel around the galaxy with empty inventory slots, and pick up more stuff along the way. To do this, you’ll need to craft a Storage Container.

Prior to the NEXT update, players could craft Storage Containers in their bases whenever they want, and use them to store excess resources. If you had a Container before the update, you can simply re-download your previous base with all of its resources from the Base Computer, which can be placed anywhere on a planetary surface. Once you do that, you should get all your old stuff back, and you’ll be able to continue as you were.

However, if you’re new to the game or base-building, things are a little trickier. At the moment, it’s not clear how you can build a Storage Container yourself if you don’t have a blueprint for it, and the Blueprint Analyzer itself doesn’t sell it. That said, we did notice that a few new blueprints did start to pop up in the Analyzer as we bought more of them, so it’s possible that the blueprint for the Storage Container will show up eventually as long as you keep spending your Salvaged Technology at the machine. We don’t have a solid answer for this yet, but we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as we get confirmation.

UPDATE: We’ve managed to obtain the Storage Container blueprint by following the Ghost in the Machine story quest line with Artemis. Keep following the objectives until you’re eventually put in contact with Apollo, who will provide you with resources and NPCs to help with your base-building efforts. After recruiting your first base specialist, they’ll give you a few more objectives to pursue and eventually provide you with the blueprint for the Container itself.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our wiki for more information on No Man’s Sky and the NEXT update.

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