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No Man’s Sky: How to Grow and Harvest Crops


No Man’s Sky: How to Grow and Harvest Crops

How to Grow and Harvest Crops in No Man’s Sky

Farming is a great way to earn money on the intergalactic market, gain materials for crafting, or for internal use. Sure, mining and foraging is important, but why go over the top with it when you can do a little bit of light farming to help ease the amount of work you need to do? Growing your own produce is an excellent way to maintain a continual supply of resources. Here’s how to grow and harvest crops in No Man’s Sky.

First, you need to have a suitable base of operations, which means finding a habitable base somewhere out there in the universe. These can be located anywhere, so the trick is to scan planets from your ship to detect them from afar. If you’re on a planet at the time, beacons can also locate nearby bases. Keep in mind that you can only have one base activated at a time.

Next, go visit the Overseer at a space station. Obtain the blueprint for a Construction Terminal, and then use 50 iron to construct it. From here is where you’ll begin to build the various structures that will make up your base of operations at the habitable spot you chose. You may need to do some quests to progress to the point where you get the appropriate blueprints you’ll need. Blueprints can be obtained using nanite clusters at any space station.

One of the buildings you can construct is the Agricultural Terminal, and, once again, you’ll need the appropriate blueprint (acquired as you progress through the Construction Terminal quests) and 50 iron to create it. This will allow you to research new plant types to grow. At this point, you’ll likely need to go out and search for various plants and resources on planets in order to craft the seeds you’re trying to grow. You’ll also need to construct a Bio-dome to properly house all of your plants once you’re ready to plant them. You need titanium, glass, and living glass to build it and the blueprint can be acquired via a Blueprint trader. Alternatively, some plants can be built outdoors as well.

Next, build Hydroponic Trays to place your crops in if you’re planting indoors or in a Bio-dome. You’ll have a few locations to place them in after using a nominal amount of Zinc and Iron to construct them. They will also need to be charged with Isotopes in order to keep the plant growing.

Finally, once you have all of that setup, you can begin planting your crops in either the outdoor or indoor locations you have available to you. Different crops take a certain amount of time to grow, so check back after an hour or two (some or are less than that). Once they are mature, you can go over to them and harvest them to use/sell however you like.

That’s it for how to grow and harvest crops in No Man’s Sky. Check out our wiki page for more guides.

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