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FIFA 18 Futties: How to Get Free Reward Packs


FIFA 18 Futties: How to Get Free Reward Packs

How to Get Free Futties Reward Packs in FIFA 18

Futties have returned once again for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and this year things are a bit different. The voting system has changed from previous years, with you no longer being required to complete SBCs to get the nomination cards, and EA Sports seems to be giving out a lot of free packs. On top of the three nomination cards, you can get free reward packs throughout the Futties Promo, and here’s how you get them.

First off, you will get one untradable reward pack that’s based on how many times you’ve played the game since it launched last September. If you’ve played the game more than 91 times since then, you’ll be given an untradable Ultimate Pack (30 gold players, all rare). Also, since old promo cards, such as Scream Team and Ones to Watch, are back in packs, you’ll have a good change of getting a lot of special cards. I got four in my pack, for example. To get it, simply log into FIFA Ultimate Team some time during the Futties event. If it’s not appearing for you now, try logging out and back in again, or contact EA if this persists.

Also, throughout the Futties event, you will also receive a weekly reward (untradeable) based on your activity during the event. It’s not clear what these rewards will be, just yet, or when we’ll get them, but we’ll update you once we know. They’ll probably be packs based on how often you’ve played or how many SBCs you’ve completed, like previous reward pack schemes.

That’s all you need to know about how to get free reward packs during the Futties event in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. For tips, tricks, and SBC solutions, be sure to check out our extensive wiki guide.

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