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DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Potara Awakening Medals


DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Potara Awakening Medals

How to Get Potara Awakening Medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle

Anyone familiar with DBZ knows about the legendary Potara earrings. Among their many amazing qualities, the most famous is the ability to fuse two wearers together to form one ultimate being. It’s like those broken heart best friends bracelets you used to share in high school, only a lot more versatile. They are present in DBZ Dokkan Battle as well, and are the key to awakening the legendary Saiyan juggernaut, Vegito. But how can you track them down, and will it cost you a king’s ransom to put them to good use?

The quickest way to obtain Potara Awakening Medals is simply by buying them in Baba’s shop. Not exactly the most spectacular method for an item so mythical, but if you’ve got the Sugoroku jewels to spare, you can’t argue with the results. 70 jewels with get you 10 Potara Awakening Medals at a time.

Otherwise, if you’re keen on getting your hands dirty, you can net some Potara Awakening Medals via Supreme Kai’s Trials. You will be able to see the rewards on offer for each individual quest before you attempt it – though Supreme Kai Stones are the most common prizes on offer, some conditions will net you some Potara Awakening Medals, normally between 1-3 at a time.

A lot of these conditions require you to clear a stage using only a certain type of character, or clear a stage with multiple characters that possess the same link skill.

Depending on which character you are hoping to use them on, you will need a different amount in order to use them for Dokkan Awakening. The lowest amount is 30, but most will require a much larger number.

For more tips, tricks and guides, stick with the team on Twinfinite! We once used the Potara earrings to fuse with a boulder. It rocked!

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