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Who Won E3 2018? Every Conference Ranked

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Who Won E3 2018? Every Conference Ranked

7. Square Enix

Dear lord, what on earth happened with Square Enix’s conference? In the build-up to this year’s E3 it really felt as though 2018 might be a vintage one for the publisher, but it ended up as one giant disappointment. Void of any notable new game announcements it was lacking in excitement, with only a trailer for a strange interactive CG experience called The Quiet Man the only noteworthy new reveal.

Strangest of all, the most hotly anticipated of its latest games were most substantially featured in the conferences of both Microsoft and Sony. In the case of the former, that meant that we’d actually seen the best of Square Enix’s hand before the conference had arrived. Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4 were already given reveals during the slew of new reveals on the Xbox Stage. And when Kingdom Hearts 3 finally showed up at Square Enix’s stage, all we got was the same trailer we’d already seen a day earlier. Of course, Kingdom Hearts 3 did end up stunning us with an awesome new trailer showing off the Pirates of the Caribbean world, but bizarrely, that was done so on Sony’s stage.

Quite honestly, Square Enix’s E3 2018 conference was borderline a waste of time and effort.

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