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Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Sean Hampton?


Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Sean Hampton?

Should you Spare or Embrace (Kill) Sean Hampton in Vampyr?

Throughout Vampyr, you’ll be faced with critical decisions that will directly shape the outcome of the story and the condition of each borough. Often, these choices aren’t easy to calculate, and that’s especially the case with the mysterious Sean Hampton. Hampton is one of the first NPCs you’ll meet in London – a religious man, he seems set on rescuing London’s sick and needy from despair, even if he is a little delirious when you first encounter him. Later, though, he flees the Pembroke Hospital in the midst of a violent incident, throwing him under suspicion. Upon investigating his whereabouts – a rescue shelter he’s set up in the docks – you’ll discover he’s become a Skal. Hampton isn’t phased by his new condition, and he then directs you to a strange folk known as the Sewer Skals for answers about the incident at the hospital. Seemingly, Hampton is a trustworthy albeit slightly creepy character, but when faced with a decision to spare or embrace him, what should you do?

Spoiler Warning

The answer, unsurprisingly, isn’t easy. Basically, if you feel the Hampton is telling the truth, you’d be right: Hampton does indeed have the safety and wellbeing of the Docks’ population at the forefront of his interests. Yet there’s no question that housing Skals and humans in the same shelter is a risky undertaking. Ultimately, though Sean Hampton’s eerily calm nature and slightly shady mannerisms (like eating human flesh with a knife and fork) will have you questioning his intentions, he is genuinely a good person.

However, Sean Hampton is a Skal, and he’s about to contract the disease that’s turning these normally docile creatures into blood-crazed lunatics. Choosing to spare Hampton will have dire consequences for The Docks borough and its population. Upon leaving Hampton’s shelter after allowing him to continue his practices, the entire borough’s population will be wiped out and Hampton himself will go missing. The shelter will be blocked off but you can get in by dropping down from a ledge at its western side. You’ll find everyone in the shelter slaughtered, and a diseased Sean Hampton will attack you on sight. He’s a powerful adversary, so be careful. All quests and NPC interactions in The Docks will be unavailable to you (note: Sean Hampton’s fate won’t have an impact on the Sewer Skals).

If you Embrace Sean Hampton and feed on his XP, you’ll avert most of the disaster and boost your experience significantly. Although, in doing this you’ll negate a pacifist playthrough and potentially kill other NPCs.

If you’re upset about the moral consequence of that option and want to keep the borough as healthy as possible, there is a third option to ‘charm’ Hampton which can be unlocked by discovering ‘hints’ from other NPCs in the area (the Vampire Hunter, and the Bartender in The Docks). Reid will offer his own blood to Hampton, quenching his thirst and avoiding the extremes of the other two options.

That’s all you’ll need to know about whether to Spare or Embrace Sean Hampton in Vampyr. For more information and guides on Vampyr, check out our wiki page.

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