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Vampyr: How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC


Vampyr: How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC

How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC in Vampyr

Action role-playing game Vampyr from Dontnod entertainment stars main protagonist Johnathan Reid, a doctor in London during the Spanish Flu epidemic who has turned into a vampire. It gives players the ability to handle situations how you see fit; will you choose to uphold that sacred Hippocratic oath you swore as a doctor? Or will you become a creature of the night and sink your teeth into unsuspecting victims? However you choose to go about your missions in Vampyr, you’ll likely be wondering what you need to do to redeem preorder bonus DLC for the game.

For PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users all you will have to do is go to the respective store’s Redeem Code section and type in the preorder DLC code you likely got on the receipt or via an email if you ordered online. This will unlock the two weapons Dragonbane and Barker, as well as a dark suit which is perfect for a vampire doctor with after hour activities. After that, you will be all set up with your in-game items and ready to start your journey into the London night.

If you decided to preorder Vampyr digitally, you’ll find that your preorder DLC should automatically be ready for you to retrieve your items in game.

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