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Vampyr: How to Investigate Darius Petrescu’s Actions (Blackmail in Whitechapel)


Vampyr: How to Investigate Darius Petrescu’s Actions (Blackmail in Whitechapel)

How to Investigate Darius Petrescu’s Actions (Blackmail in Whitechapel) in Vampyr

Blackmail in Whitechapel is one of the first quests you’ll undertake from your base at the Pembroke Hospital in Vampyr. At the behest of Dr. Swansea, Dr. Reid introduces himself to one of the hospital’s benefactors, Lady Ashbury, who tells him of her being blackmailed. It’s now up to you to investigate the origins of this blackmail in the depths of Whitechapel. For the most part, it’s a fairly straightforward quest, but there’s one part, in particular, that might have you scratching your head. Namely, how to investigate Darius Petrescu’s actions.

After you’ve established Nurse Crane’s suspicious behavior and traced her location to Whitechapel in Vampyr, you’ll attempt to speak with Darius Petrescu, the owner of the house. But knocking on his door will only see him deny you an audience before leaving the building entirely. You’ll then be asked to ‘investigate Darius Petrescu’s actions.’ But with Petrescu not answering the door and both gates on either side of the house locked, how do you proceed forward to the quest indicator on your map?

To progress this quest in Vampyr, you’ll actually have to walk around the locked gate on the left. If you press the L3 button on your controller, your vampire senses will track Darius Petrescu as he exits the house, walks across the courtyard, and approaches the door on the other side. Once you’ve arrived at the locked gate, with your vampires senses active, eavesdrop on his conversation with Nurse Crane. A cutscene will then trigger and you’ll have advanced the quest.

The quest, Blackmail in Whitechapel, will then continue. You’ll need to gain leverage on Darius Petrescu before you’ll be able to convince him to let you into the house for a chat. Doing so merely requires you to locate a postbox to find a letter, speak to a journalist named Clayton Darby, and then find the poet, Richard Nithercoat. Their locations are all marked on your map specifically.

That’s all you’ll need to know about how to investigate Darius Petrescu’s action in the Vampyr quest, Blackmail in Whitechapel. For more useful guides on Vampyr, be sure to check out our wiki page.

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