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The Most Popular Eevee Evolution


The Most Popular Eevee Evolution

Something for Eeveeryone.

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8. Leafeon

Pokemon Leafeon

Take a deep breath, pace yourself, and remember that there is no shame in last place. After all, each of the Eeveelutions is still infinitely more popular than other, less marketable Pokemon, and there is a rabid fanbase that will undoubtedly do a spit take at any ranking they disagree with, bellowing that “[my favorite] is clearly the best, because [reason 1] and [reason 2]. I hate your list, you [unkind adjective] [swear word]!!”

But somebody had to win the wooden spoon award. And today, that somebody was Leafeon, who lags behind its cuddly contemporaries for a few reasons. Firstly, and this was in no way its fault, it arrived in gen 4, which some regard as being the weakest of the series. Further, its Grass-typing may be popular among trainers, but it comes with the caveat that it is susceptible to being killed by everything. Fire, poison, beetles, cold winds, regular winds, everything. And finally, it is simply outclassed by most other Grass-type Pokemon on the market, suffering from a shallow movepool and a lethal combo of poor HP and shoddy special defense. All of the Eeveelutions have a shared stat spread of 60/65/65/95/110/130, but Leafeon’s doesn’t lend itself well to staying alive.

According to the Smogon tiers, Leafeon typically falls under the PU tier in competitive gameplay. For perspective, this is a tier so disregarded, the acronym does not even stand for anything. The closest one could surmise is that it translates to ‘pee-yew’, indicating that all of the Pokemon relegated to this tier absolutely stink. A harsh designation, but what does Leafeon really offer? Its access to Chlorophyl is useful, and Leaf Blade is a powerful physical Grass-attack with no drawbacks. Plus… it’s cute, and that’s good.

But beyond that, Leafeon is left licking its wounds on the sideline. Thanks for playing, tree kitty.

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