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The Crew 2: Can You Play Single Player?


The Crew 2: Can You Play Single Player?

Can You Play Single Player in The Crew 2?

Every now and then, you’ll take a look at your friends list and discover that you have been abandoned. It’s a tragic moment that may require therapy, but in the meantime, you’ll have to put on a brave face and hit the road all by your lonesome. There is a tendency in many games these days to require you to stay online even when you’re riding solo, however – a pesky little hindrance that can render single player gaming nigh impossible. Fortunately, this is not the case with The Crew 2.

With the Crew 2 you do not require an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription to play. Of course, without an active online account, you won’t have access to the game’s many social features, or be able to play with your friends when (or if) they someday return to you. Remember: this game is called The Crew 2, not The Loner 2.

But with your pals here at Twinfinite, you’re never alone! Especially if you head on over to our spiffy wiki for The Crew 2. It’s got all of the dirt on tips, tricks and techniques for both new players, and those with some experience under their belt.

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