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The Crew 2: All Photo Op Locations


The Crew 2: All Photo Op Locations

All Photo Op Locations in The Crew 2

When you’re traveling across America, you’ll find so many wonderful things to see and do, and in The Crew 2, you’ll be able to capture these moments with Photo Ops – you wacky tourist, you.

Once you have approached one of the listed landmarks, make sure you have the target properly framed so that it is in the center of the frame. If you’ve snapped a successful shot, the objective will be highlighted in green. If not, it will be written in grey, and you’ll have to try again.

For this guide, we have used major locations on The Crew 2’s map as a rough guideline, so it won’t necessarily be geographically accurate. Sorry, stringent cartography buffs.

New York Photo Ops

  • Lady Liberty: On a small island just south of Manhattan. If you can’t find it, give up on the photo ops now.
  • Foggy: The Queensboro Bridge over Roosevelt Island (east side of Manhattan) during foggy weather.
  • Long Island: Airborne over the Long Island Speedrome (due east from Manhattan).
  • Round and Square: A little bit tricky, you will have to be in Times Square, and pull off a donut in the right location. Pin the objective, and Times Square will be highlighted in green when you are in position.
  • Overtake: At the racetrack, west of the bottom side of Manhattan, as you overtake another vehicle.
  • Central Show-Off: While in a racing plane, fly over Central Park (upper middle of Manhattan) at low altitude over the lakes. Make sure you get up to a high enough speed for the photo to be valid.
  • Monster & Co: Due northeast from Manhattan (a little ways south of Cape Cod), enter the StormX Arena, get into a monster truck and perform an air trick.
  • King of Wall Street: Perform a wall ride while in a monster truck in the Financial District (southern side of Manhattan).
  • Unisphere: A large metallic orb in a park between Manhattan and Long Island.
  • Cape Cod Bay: Cape Cod is a short ways northeast from Manhattan, along the eastern coastline. Still no sign of Boston, incidentally.
  • White Mountains: Southeast of the Great Lakes. Bike your way to the top of the mountain for the photo op.
  • Slippery: Northeast of the White Mountains, take the photo from atop the waterfall, facing towards the ocean.
  • Against the Flow: In the North Woods (east of the Great Lakes), find a small waterfall and get into your boat.
  • Niagara Falls: Far north point of New York.

Washington Photo Ops

  • Pentagon: Take a midair photo while flying over the Pentagon (southwest of Washington).
  • Presidential Bath: Take a boat into the Reflecting Pool in the southwest side of Washington.
  • Capitol: Snap a shot of the Capitol building on the east side of Washington.

Miami Photo Ops

  • Miami: West of Miami is the Miami Racing Track. Take an aerial photograph while overhead.
  • Everglades: In the Everglades southwest of Miami, find the group of large trees.
  • Slip Stream: Get a slipstream while on the large bridge in the Florida Keys. You’ll need to work in cahoots with another player to manage this.
  • Cruise N Go: Southwest of the Florida Keys, spot the cruise ship. While in a plane, touch onto the ground and pop back up before taking the photo, all in the near vicinity of the ship.
  • Cruise in Paradise: Get in a boat near the same cruise ship and take a photo of it.

Detroit Photo Ops

  • Under the Bridge: There is a small bridge near the State Prison, northwest of Detroit. Fly a racing plane underneath it, and take a photo.
  • Wrecked Ship: On the Lake Erie shoreline (southwest side of the Great Lakes).
  • Little Eagle: Snap a photo while flying over the Little Eagle Speedrome (south of Detroit).
  • Head Start: At the starting line of the Little Eagle Speedrome, perform a burnout by holding brake and accelerate simultaneously), then take the photo.

Chicago Photo Ops

  • Wrecked Wheel: Southwest of Chicago, near the intersecting point of the two rivers. Look for the wrecked paddleboat.
  • Rush For More: Grab a photo of Mt. Rushmore, west of Chicago.
  • King of the Peddle: Fly over the peddlewheel boat (northwest of Chicago) upside down in the morning.
  • King of the Plant: Land a monster truck into the top of a silo west of Chicago.
  • King of the Rodeo: Land a monster truck atop the giant cow northwest of Chicago.
  • Pikes Peak: Far south from Mt. Rushmore (almost due west from St. Louis) is a mountain. Land a plane at the base of the radar tower atop it.
  • Mountain Pass: Northwest from the previous photo op, you will find a tunnel. Get in a car and exit the tunnel at a high speed in the direction of Chicago.
  • Room With a View: A big hotel west of Chicago, north of the river.
  • Ivory’s Peak: A proto buggy atop Ivory’s Peak.

San Francisco Photo Ops

  • Express Delivery: Pull off a drift through the Dragon’s Gate (a small green archway near the center of San Francisco).
  • Golden Gate Bridge: North of San Francisco (don’t worry, you won’t end up in Oakland).
  • Guilty: Auburn’s Courthouse, southeast of Seattle.
  • The Giants: Northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge, take a photo of the stadium.
  • Dam High: Pull off a wheelie on a bike while atop the dam northeast of Sacramento.
  • Low Blow: Get in your plane and cross the finish line of The Giants Race Track while at low altitude.

Las Vegas Photo Ops

  • Strip: Take a nighttime photo of the Las Vegas Strip (the main road going through the middle of Las Vegas).
  • French Kiss: Near the Eiffel Tower replica, fly your plane at a low altitude, while upside down.
  • King of Egypt: Park any vehicle atop the pyramid in Las Vegas’ southwest.
  • Las Mountains: While in a rally raid vehicle, take a photo atop the mountain just southeast of Las Vegas.
  • Mt. Moriah: Atop Mt. Moriah (northeast of Las Vegas) while in a rally raid car.
  • Golden Hills: An airborne shot of the Golden Hills Racing Track, southwest of Las Vegas.
  • Ghost Church: The church in the small ghost town south of Las Vegas. The town is in the Mojave Desert.
  • Gas Station: A gas station far south of Las Vegas (to the point where it is southeast of Los Angeles).
  • Bottom Up: Fly your plane upside down at a low altitude through the Grand Canyon (far southeast of Las Vegas).
  • Hot Chocolate: An orange building east of Salt Lake City (due south from the Ski Jump).

Los Angeles Photo Ops

  • Laguna: An aerial photo over Laguna Seca, far north from Los Angeles
  • Piggy Bank: Take a photo of the top the bank in northeast Los Angeles.
  • Un-Conventional: A photo that includes both the Los Angeles Game Center (east side of Los Angeles) and a monster truck.
  • Dino: The dinosaur sculptures in the southwest corner of Los Angeles.
  • Vestige: Snap a shot right as you crash your plane into the ruins far east from Los Angeles. Not even kidding.
  • King of the Graveyard: Fly at a low altitude over Big Land, far southeast from Los Angeles.

Offroad HQ Photo Ops

  • Top Notch: Fly between a gap in a large rock formation south of Santa Fe, around Monument Valley.
  • Go East For Mitten: A large rock formation slightly northeast of the previous photo op.
  • King of the Valley: A tall pillar south of Monument Valley. Brush past the top of it with your plane.
  • Grand Canyon: The area where the Grand Canyon divides the river in two.
  • Meteor Crater: South of the Grand Canyon.

Other Photo Ops

  • Air Race Line-Up: Two racing planes flying nearby one another.
  • Another Edge: Zivko Edge 540 Version III.
  • Camaro Night: The Camaro Night doing a burnout at nighttime.
  • Drifting in the Rain: Drift a drift car in the rain.
  • Grand Tour: The Aston Martin Vulcan Touring Car.
  • Home: Jump a bike with the full moon in the background.
  • Jump Around: Jump a gap with a drag race car.
  • Like a Breeze: Roll an aerobatics plane through a wind turbine.
  • Midnight Rush: Two cars using their Nos boost side-by-side at midnight.
  • Not a Scratch: Crash head-on into another player’s vehicle, breaking both cars.
  • On Your Mark: The Proalpha MK II Alpha Grand Prix car.
  • Over the Head: Jump a Ferrari with a monster truck.
  • Perfection: A photo of a Hyper Car as your default car.
  • Power Boat Lineup: Both power boats available.
  • Protowater: The Proto Offshore MK II power boat.
  • Salty Peak: A rally cross vehicle atop Salty Peak (northwest of Salt Lake City).
  • Seal Crew: An air race plane and a power boat near one another.
  • Stylissimo: The Ferrari 488 GT3 Touring Car.
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