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Overwatch: How to Play Wrecking Ball (Hammond)


Overwatch: How to Play Wrecking Ball (Hammond)

How to Play Wrecking Ball (Hammond) in Overwatch

Blizzard has just dropped the latest hero on the Overwatch PTR, a tank called Wrecking Ball. The rolling ball of death is operated by a cute ‘lil critter named Hammond, who apparently came down to Earth with Winston from the moon. Wrecking Ball boasts an insane amount of powerful skills at the cost of a high learning curve in Overwatch. He’s a devasting force to be reckoned with if he’s placed in the right hands, so here are some tips and tricks on how to use the new Overwatch hero.

The first thing you should know about Wrecking Ball is that he’s a very agile and mobile Overwatch tank. Hammond can literally roll around the Overwatch battlefield, pressuring opponents with his mech or make a quick getaway when overwhelmed by enemies. Wrecking Ball is a great distraction and, as such, it’s your job to get in the enemy lines and cause as much mayhem as possible. His Adaptive Shield ability will help you get in there without taking much damage, giving you a whopping 100 barrier per enemy within your radius.

What makes Wrecking Ball a truly disruptive tank is his Grappling Claw, which allows him to grip onto any surface and start swinging around like a madman. You’ll generally want to use grapple onto pillars in control points and sweep the area, picking up speed and knocking back any incoming enemies. Grappling Claw can also launch you into the air in Overwatch, giving you the momentum to use you Piledriver skill to scatter enemies grouped together. More importantly, however, this skill gives Hammond some incredible mobility, letting him reach places he normally couldn’t.

When it comes down to his ultimate ability, Wrecking Ball can deploy a handful of minefields that explode on contact. This is an incredible zoning tool in Overwatch that will keep your enemies off a certain area, specifically control or choke points. If you want to use the ability more offensively, you can team up with a Lucio, Brigitte, Orisa, Reinhardt, Zarya, or anyone with a knockback/grouping ability to push your enemies into your death trap.

Hammond will definitely take some time to master, but these tips and tricks should help you out. You can play Wrecking Ball right now on the Overwatch PTR for PC. For more Overwatch tips, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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