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Overwatch: Wrecking Ball’s Backstory and Origins


Overwatch: Wrecking Ball’s Backstory and Origins

Do the hamster dance.

Wrecking Ball’s Backstory and Origins in Overwatch

Some Overwatch characters are strange. Some Overwatch characters are really strange. Then there’s Wrecking Ball, a character so completely bizarre, he takes one look at strange and says ‘nah, that’s far too mundane for my tastes’.

A lab test subject of the Horizon Lunar Colony, Wrecking Ball (real name Hammond) was given genetic therapy that resulted in rapid growth in size and intelligence. Possessing an insatiable curiosity, Hammond would make his way through different parts of the moon base before inevitably being caught and returned to his cell.

The nature of these frequent sabbaticals? Hammond was honing his skills as a mechanic. This would serve him well when some of the other captive animals overthrew the colony, causing widespread mayhem and confusion. One of the gorillas, a familiar face you may recognize as Winston, seized his opportunity for escape, blasting off for earth. Thinking quickly, Hammond was able to hitch a ride with a makeshift capsule of his own.

Hammond was sent careening into the Australian Outback, where he refashioned his escape pod into a mech suit in order to participate in the battles of the Scrapyard. Under the moniker of Wrecking Ball, Hammond saw great success, eventually able to pay for the upgrades necessary to navigate his mech out of the Outback and towards greener pastures.

Now, he travels the globe seeking adventure and discovery, and it seems as though the skirmishes of Overwatch are the next stop on his journey. Woe betide all who stand in the way of his fluffy wrath, for he shall take no prisoners.

For more news about Overwatch’s latest hero Wrecking Ball, and everything else gaming-related, stay right here with the team at Twinfinite. We may not be quite as resourceful as Hammond, but we’re just as snuggly.

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