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Overwatch: All Wrecking Ball Abilities


Overwatch: All Wrecking Ball Abilities

All Wrecking Ball Abilities in Overwatch

Blizzard dropped a surprise announcement for Overwatch fans by revealing the 28th hero for the game practically out of the blue. Even more of a surprise, however, is that the hero is an adorable little hamster named Hammond piloting a fearsome mech. Yeah that’s right, he just might be the best Overwatch character ever. Hammond, or Wrecking Ball as he’s called, is currently up for testing on the PTR, but Blizzard has detailed all of the character’s abilities like usual. We’ll give you all the details you need to know on the deadly fluffball new to Overwatch.

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Wrecking Ball is a fearsome hero that functions best on the frontline in Overwatch, blowing through the enemy team and putting pressure on them. His basic weapon are Quad Cannons, a pair of twin machine guns that can devastate enemies at close to medium range. His first ability, mapped to the right mouse click on PC, lets Wrecking Ball fire out a grappling hook to swing around the area. You can also attach to enemies to cause high-speed, damaging collisions. This is supported by the next ability, Roll, which lets Wrecking ball turn into a ball and increase his speed, thereby increasing the damage done with the grappling hook.

The final two abilities for the hero support his ability to rush into the front line. Piledriver has you slamming the ground below him, damaging enemies in the nearby area and launching them into the air. On the other hand, Adaptive Shield creates temporary personnel shields around you, and the number of shields will increase based on how many enemies are nearby. Finally, Wrecking Ball’s ultimate is Minefield, which sprinkles a massive amount of proximity mines nearby that’ll cause some serious damage if trigger by the enemy.

It certainly sounds like Wrecking Ball will be able to cause some serious damage to vulnerable heroes, so make sure to jump on the PTR if you can and get a feel for the newest character.

For more on Wrecking Ball and Overwatch in general, make sure to check out our wiki.

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