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10 Most Popular Fire Emblem Characters


10 Most Popular Fire Emblem Characters

Worthy of the Fire Emblem itself.

10. Celica

Most Popular Fire Emblem Characters

We open this list with an unexpected entrant – Princess Celica of Zofia. She went through a long period of anonymity, having first originated in Gaiden, the second title in the series, back before they made all of the characters look all sexy and such. Once she returned to the public consciousness with the 2017 remake, people remembered how much they apparently adored her. Or at least, adored her new design. Case in point: she topped the polls for February’s Fire Emblem Heroes vote, after failing to place in last year’s event, pre-remake.

Like her childhood friend Alm, she seeks to rid Valentia of evil, though she does so independently of him, sick of his super-soldier mindset, and deciding that the best course of action is through diplomacy, rather than violence. She kills lots of people in the process.

Though she is brave, altruistic and well-meaning, she does seem to partake of the gullible soup, at one point willingly handing herself over to dark forces in order to protect her friends. When you consider that these particular dark forces intend to awaken a slumbering dragon god hell-bent on destroying the entire continent, you begin to see the flaw in her plans. Incidentally, there’s a lot of baddies dabbling in the occult in the Fire Emblem series for some reason – clearly these people were never spooked off dark magic by playing ‘Bloody Mary’ in the bathroom mirror.

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