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GTA V (GTA Online): How to Register as a CEO


GTA V (GTA Online): How to Register as a CEO

How to Register as a CEO in GTA Online For GTA V

GTA V Online gives players the ability to live out their crime lord dreams in the wonderful world that is Los Santos. If you’re an avid player of the beloved Online mode, you’re wondering how to become a CEO within the game. Well, here’s exactly how to do that!

It’s a lot easier to become a CEO in the game than it is in real life. All you’re going to need to do is buy an executive office within the game. It will cost ya, though. The cheapest one is 1,000,000 dollars and is Maze Bank West. Arcadius Business Center is $2,250,000. Lombank West is $3,100,000. And finaly, Maze Bank Tower is $4,000,000.

You buy them right from Dynasty 8 Executive right on your character’s phone. Once you have one, there will be a slew of benefits for becoming a CEO and you’ll also be able to decorate and fill up your safehouse with whatever you want to fit into it. It makes the game a lot easier to be able to wreck others on the mean streets, for sure.

That’s all there is to registering to become a CEO in GTA online within GTA V. If you need any other help with the game, be sure to leave a comment down below or search the site for an answer yourself!

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