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Darkest Dungeon: How to Beat Inchoate Flesh


Darkest Dungeon: How to Beat Inchoate Flesh

How to Beat the Inchoate Flesh in Darkest Dungeon

The Inchoate Flesh is one of the apprentice-level bosses you can take on in Darkest Dungeon. Just like with all other bosses in the game, if you prepare well, this fight shouldn’t be too tough at all.

First off, the Inchoate Flesh is extremely susceptible to Blight and Bleed, so characters like the Flagellant, Houndmaster, Jester, and Plague Doctor will come in very useful at this part of Darkest Dungeon. The Flesh has four different parts, but they all share the same health bar, so if you can land Blight and Bleed on different parts of the boss, the damage stack-up will be massive.

On the flip side, Inchoate Flesh can also deal quite a bit of damage if you’re not careful. The head has an attack called Maws of Life, which is the most dangerous move you’ll need to watch out for. It’ll hit the first and second ranks, and also has a chance of inflicting Bleed. Make sure your front characters are tanky enough to withstand the blow. Undulating Invasion is another dangerous one that can inflict Stun on the third and fourth ranks, while Bone Zephyr is a slightly less heavy-hitting attack that can also inflict Stun.

Over the course of this Darkest Dungeon fight, the Inchoate Flesh will continue to shift forms. Whenever the heart appears, make sure to prioritize damaging it as it has very little protection. The heart can’t hurt you, but it does have a move called Sanguine Stroke that will restore some of its HP. As long as you keep reapplying your Blight and Bleed debuffs, this fight will be over quickly.

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