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10 Woefully Underrated PS4 Games Worth Playing in 2018


10 Woefully Underrated PS4 Games Worth Playing in 2018

The Evil Within 2

Underrated PS4 Games to Play in 2018

Here’s the thing: the first Evil Within game wasn’t exactly great. It garnered quite a bit of hype because of Shinji Mikami’s involvement, and it played around with some interesting ideas in the horror genre, but overall, it wasn’t spectacular. The letterboxing was divisive, the gunplay wasn’t smooth, and the story was a hot mess. The Evil Within 2, though, is an entirely different story.

The good thing about The Evil Within 2 is that you can jump straight into this one without having to worry much about the events of the past game. You’ll miss a few references here and there, but the story is standalone for the most part. Tango Gameworks improved upon almost every aspect of the game, while still keeping that macabre aesthetic that made the first game so genuinely horrifying. The game’s semi-open world is filled with things to do and monstrosities to encounter, the story is much easier to follow, and the gameplay and crafting systems have been vastly improved upon.

Still, The Evil Within 2 remains as one of the more underrated games on the PS4 because most players would have probably overlooked it due to shoddy marketing and a bad aftertaste from the first game. This is one of the best survival horror games this generation, and it shouldn’t be missed.

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