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State of Decay 2: How to Recruit New Survivors


State of Decay 2: How to Recruit New Survivors

How to Recruit New Survivors in State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 drops players into a zombie-infested world in which they must build and manage a community of survivors. Doing so requires constant resource management, supply runs and careful planning. Survivors are one of the most valuable assets in State of Decay 2, each bringing their own unique set of skills and bonuses. Some survivors can become playable characters over time, so you’re going to want to steadily grow your community as you play. That’s definitely easier said than done though, as recruiting new survivors and bringing them back to base can be incredibly dangerous. Here’s how to recruit new survivors in State of Decay 2.

One way to get new survivors in the game is to use the option in the radio menu. Press Up on the D-pad, and select ‘Search For New Resources and Survivors’ from the menu. Doing so will send out a distress signal offering a safe haven for any nearby survivors. All you have to do then is wait, and after a while you’ll be given the option to go and escort the new survivors back to base. This option costs 150 Reputation, which is a fairly steep price. Luckily there’s another way to bring new survivors to your community.

Whilst your out in the world, scavenging or completing missions, listen for radio distress signals from survivors asking for help. These encounters can be dangerous but are a great way to bolster your base early on. Often, you’ll have to help survivors fight off a horde of zombies, so be sure to be well stocked and take a vehicle to transport everyone back quickly. Just like anyone in State of Decay 2, survivors can die if you’re not careful, so make sure you protect them and get them back to base in one piece.

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